About The Club

The German American Club of Santa Monica

We are located at  1843 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Our Phone number is (310) 450-6141

Email: is  info@DDAVVSM.com

History of the German Club

It all began in 1951 when Paul Maschler and his friends Fritz Braune and Heinz Forster realized the need for a club for recent German immigrants. A place where they could feel at home and enjoy the many things they left behind in Germany. A place to interact and connect with other recent immigrants, speak their native language and enjoy German music, celebrations and food. They took this idea and made it into the German American club of Santa Monica.

At first the celebrations and events were small and were held in the Legion Hall on 17th Street in Santa Monica. As membership grew and the activities increased to bi-weekly they moved to the Ballroom at the Surfrider Inn. Due to the tremendous popularity of the celebrations and events membership grew quickly. In fact the annual New Year’s Eve celebration became so popular that the larger capacity of the Ballroom at the Miramar Hotel was needed to hold the participating members.

During this time the club leaders began to organize charter trips back to Germany for their members. This helped the membership to grow to 15,500 members. In October of 1964 the club leaders took the next step in the clubs expansion and became a non-profit corporation within the state of California. The club became profitable and with the proceeds from the annual membership dues Mr. Maschler began to purchase a few properties along Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica.

As the years went on and membership increased the club needed a permanent home. In 1978 the 1843 Lincoln Boulevard site was chosen to become the new home. Re-Construction to transform the existing building into the present clubhouse started when proceeds and financing became available from the sale of the property that Mr. Maschler purchased years before. The construction was finished in 1979.

The Grand Opening of the new and permanent home of the German American Club of Santa Monica was celebrated in grand style. In the years since many very successful celebrations have been held at the clubhouse and the always popular annual Bauernfest and Oktoberfest have created many memories for all the members.

We should all be very proud of our club. The insight and leadership of our founder Mr. Maschler, the hard work, dedication and contributions made by all the past and present board members and the members, have made The German American Club of Santa Monica the success that it is today.


Past Club Presidents

The club highlights German Heritage, Language and Cultural Traditions.  Any prospective member for the German American Club of Santa Monica must have three sponsors of members in good standing and the approval of the board of directors.  If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a member please contact us to learn more.

Any open events held usually require an entrance fee for non-members.

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